16th MMAR 2011 - Plenary Sessions

  • Marian P. Kaźmierkowski
    Control of Power Electronics Grid Interfaces for Renewable Ocean Wave and Wind Energy
  • Michael Hintermueller
    Semismooth Newton Methods in PDE-Constrained Optimization: Theory, Numerics and Applications

15th MMAR 2010 - Plenary Sessions

  • Witold Respondek
    Flat Control Systems - Old and New Results
  • Jon Selig
    Lie Groups and Lie Algebras in Robotics

14th MMAR 2009 - Plenary Sessions

  • Pascal Morin (INRIA, France)
    Control of Nonholonomic or Underactuated Vehicles by the Transverse Function Approach
  • David H. Owens (UK)
    Developments in Iterative Learning Control
  • Andrzej Bartoszewicz (Poland)
    Sliding Mode Control - Principles and Application

13th MMAR 2007 - Plenary Sessions

  • J. C. Willems (Belgium)
    A New Look at Observers
  • J. W. Grizzle (USA)
    An Analytical Perspective on the Control of Bipedal Robot Locomotion
  • E. Rogers (UK)
    Iterative Learning Control - Algorithms, Robustness and Experimental Benchmarking
  • A. Świerniak (Poland)
    Understanding and combating cancer - control theoretic approach

12th MMAR 2006 - Plenary Sessions

  • P. Albertos and A. Esparza (Spain)
    Some Issues about the Control of Resonant Processes
  • H. Chitsaz, S. M. LaValle, D. J. Balkcom and M. T. Mason (USA)
    An Explicit Characterization of Minimum Wheel-Rotation Paths for Differential-Drives
  • J. Lisowski (Poland)
    Game Theory Methods in Control Synthesis of Marine Moving Objects - Mathematical Methods and Computer Support Algorithms
  • S. Townley, D. McCarthy and D. Hodgson (UK)
    Systems Theory and Robustness in Biology and Ecology

11th MMAR 2005 - Plenary Sessions

  • J. H. van Schuppen (The Netherlands)
    Realization and Control Problems for Biochemical Reaction Networks
  • P. Bidaud (France)
    On the design of Micro Robotic Systems for micro-manipulation and minimally invasive surgery
  • T. Fukuda, Y. Hasegawa, M. Doi and Y. Asano (Japan)
    Multi-Locomotion Robot - Swing Control for Continuous Brachiation
  • M. J. Grimble and P. Majecki (UK)
    Introduction to Nonlinear Generalized Minimum Variance Control and Potential for Industrial Applications
  • K. Malanowski (Poland)
    Stability and Sensitivity Analysis for Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems

10th MMAR 2004 - Plenary Sessions

  • B. Pasik-Duncan (USA)
    Making Connections with Stochastic Modeling
  • A.H. Nayfeh (USA)
    A Smart Controller for Cranes
  • K. Furuta (Japan)
    Human Adaptive Mechatronics
  • J. Korbicz (Poland)
    Advances in Fault Diagnosis Systems

9th MMAR 2003 - Plenary Sessions

  • M. Delfour (Canada)
    Optimization and Control with Respect to the Geometry
  • K. Tchon (Poland)
    Kinematics of Mobile Manipulators: an Endogenous Configuration Space Approach
  • A. Ogut (USA)
    Diesel Engine Emissions Aftertreatment Technologies for Removing or Controlling Particulate Matter (PM)
  • K. Malinowski (Poland)
    Dynamic Pricing for Management and Control of Communication Networks

8th MMAR 2002 - Plenary Sessions

  • R. Kruse and A. Klose (Germany)
    Information Mining with Fuzzy Methods: Trends and Current Challenges
  • J. Kacprzyk and S. Zadrożny (Poland)
    Linguistic Data Symmaries: Towards and Increased Role of Natural Language in Data Mining
  • S. Arimoto (Japan)
    Can Newtonian Mechanics Explicate Why and How Babies (or Robots) Acquire Dexterous Hand Motion?
  • B. Datta and D. Sarkissian (USA)
    A Computational Method for Feedback Control in Distributed Parameter Systems

7th MMAR 2001 - Plenary Sessions

  • S. Bennett (UK)
    Automation: Friend or Foe?
  • E. Mosca and T. Agnoloni (Italy)
    Feedback-Loop Preformance Monitoring for Controller Falsification
  • S. Yuta (Japan)
    Towards an Autonomous Mobile Robot Working in Daily-life Environment
  • K. Kozłowski (Poland)
    Design of Lyapunov Function for Control of Robot Manipulators
  • M.J. Grimble and A.W. Ordys (UK)
    Nonlinear Predictive Control for Manufacturing and Robotic Applications

6th MMAR 2000 - Plenary Sessions

  • I. Petersen (Australia)
    Minimax LQG Control
  • F. Bourquin (France)
    Approximation for the Fast Stabilization of the Wave Equation from the Boundary
  • R. Scattolini, L. Magni and G. De Nicolao (Italy)
    Output Feedback and Tracking in Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
  • F. Allgower, R. Findeisen (Germany), Z. Nagy (Romania), M. Diehl, G. Bock and J. Schloder (Germany)
    Efficient Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Large Scale Constrained Systems
  • T. Flash, M.J.E. Richardson and A.A. Handzel (Israel)
    The Control of Motion: from Biological to Robotic Systems
  • J.T. Wen (USA)
    Robotic Assistants in Minimally Invasive Surgeries
  • L.A. Zadeh (USA)
    Toward a Perception-based Theory of Probabilistic Reasoning

5th MMAR 1998 - Plenary Sessions

  • I. Lasiecka (USA)
    Active Noise Control in an Acoustic Chamber: Mathematical Theory
  • P. Grabowski (Poland) and F.M. Callier (Belgium)
    Boundary Control Systems in Factor Form: Transfer Functions and Input-Output Maps
  • P.M. Frank (Germany)
    The Role of Unstable Nonlinear Feedback in Complex Systems
  • H. Górecki and M. Zaczyk (Poland)
    Trade-off Between Energy and Entropy of Information in Control Systems
  • B. Siciliano (Italy)
    On the Use of Quaternions for Robot Interaction Control Tasks
  • G. Hirzinger, J. Bals, B. Brunner, R. Koeppe and M. Schedl (Germany)
    Advances in Robotics

4th MMAR 1997 - Plenary Sessions

  • J. Sokołowski (France)
    Shape Optimization and Optimal Design for Parabolic Control Problems
  • V. Kucera (Czech Republic)
    Feedback Realization of Cascade Compensators
  • R.F. Curtain and J.C. Ooostveen (The Netherlands)
    Bilinear Transformations Between Discrete- and Continuous-time Infinite-dimensional Linear Systems

3rd MMAR 1996 - Plenary Sessions

  • P.C. Muller
    Stability and Optimal Control of Nonlinear Descriptor Systems
  • D. Hinrichsen and N.K. Son
    μ-Analysis and Robust Stability of Positive Linear Systems
  • S. Townley
    Stable Universal Adaptive Dynamics
  • S.J. Elliott
    Active Noise and Vibration Control

2nd MMAR 1995 - Plenary Sessions

  • A. Niederliński (Poland)
    Some Aspects of Recursive Least Squares and Self-Tuning
  • O. Ravn (Denmark) and M. Szymkat (Poland)
    Mechatronic Approach to Robotic Modelling - Software Engineering Perspective
  • T. Puchałka and P. Siwak (Poland)
    Automata and Languages

1st MMAR 1994 - Plenary Sessions

  • Z. Bubnicki (PL)
    Logic-algebraic Method for Knowledge-based Systems
  • S. Dormeier (D)
    Temperatur Control Algorithms for Plastic Processing Units
  • H. Górecki (PL)
    Parametric Optimization of Infinite-dimensional Dynamic Systems
  • T. Kaczorek (PL)
    Reachability and Controllability of 2-D Continuous-Discrete Linear Systems
  • D.H. Owens, N. Amann, E. Rogers (UK)
    Iterative Learning Control