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Monday: tutorial sessions will take place between 14:00-17:00

Monday: Welcome reception will take place at 18:00

Tuesday: Music concert will take place at 18:30 in Chopin room

Tuesday: Banquet will take place at 19:30

Wednesday: Sightseeing will take place at 17:10

Thursday: Farewell lunch will take place at 13:00

The 17th International Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and Control (MMAR’2012) is to be held August 27-30, 2012 in Miedzyzdroje (Poland). The conference aims to bring together engineers and scientists from academia, research institutes and industry so that they can discuss the latest developments and requirements in traditional and non-traditional areas of Automation and Robotics.

Technical programme will include a broad range of topics covering new theoretical and technological developments and applications in:

  • linear and non-linear predictive control,
  • robust and adaptive control,
  • networked control systems,
  • fuzzy logic, neural networks and intelligent control,
  • modelling and identification,
  • distributed parameter systems,
  • discrete events and hybrid systems,
  • cooperative, coordinated and decentralized control,
  • computer aided control systems design and other computational aspects,
  • marine and aerospace guidance and control,
  • advanced process control,
  • fault detection, diagnosis and fault tolerant control,
  • recent drive systems in robotics,
  • kinematics and dynamics of robots,
  • mathematical foundations of robotics,
  • motion planning and algorithms,
  • human-robot interaction,
  • advanced robotics,
  • robot control modeling,
  • nonholonomic systems,
  • sensory feedback in robots, visual systems feedback,
  • various applications of robotic systems,
  • hybrid control in robotics.
  • Apart from plenary and invited sessions the programme will also include invited and tutorial sessions, panel discussions, software demonstrations and hardware displays.