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Monday: tutorial sessions will take place between 14:00-17:00

Monday: Welcome reception will take place at 18:00

Tuesday: Music concert will take place at 18:30 in Chopin room

Tuesday: Banquet will take place at 19:30

Wednesday: Sightseeing will take place at 17:10

Thursday: Farewell lunch will take place at 13:00

MMAR 2012 Program

For the most up-to-date program please see MMAR 2012 Lecture Session Schedule on e-papers.


Monday, Aug 27th, 2012

from 10:00 Secretariat, Registration starts

14:00-17:00 Tutorial Sessions

18:00 Welcome Party


Tuesday, Aug 28th, 2012, 09:00-10:00

Room 1, Plenary Session, Chair: Jerzy Sasiadek
  • Biopsychically Inspired Cognitive Control for Autonomous Agents Based On Motivated Learning
    J. Jim Zhu, Xudan Xu

Tuesday Aug 28th, 2012 10:00-11:00

Room 1, Special Session on the Occasion of the 80th Birthday of Prof. T. Kaczorek - Part I, Chair: Zbigniew Emirsajlow, Krzysztof Galkowski
  • New Frequency Domain Based Stability Tests for 2D Linear Systems
    Wojciech Paszke, Eric Rogers, Paolo Rapisarda, Krzysztof Galkowski,...
  • Control Hierarchies with Top Layers Represented by Timed Event Graphs
    Xavier David-Henriet, Joerg Raisch, Laurent Hardouin
  • Positive Observation of Takagi-Sugeno Systems
    Ines Zaidi, Fernando Tadeo, Mohamed Chaabane, Abdellah Benzaouia
Room 2, Identification - Part I, Chair: Bogdan Grzywacz
  • Parameter Identification of a DC Motor via Distribution Based Approach
    Dorin Sendrescu
  • Stratified Model Identification
    Zbigniew Ogonowski
  • Mechanical resonance frequensies identyfication of direct drive using wavelet analysis
    Dominik Luczak
Room 3, Modeling and Simulation - Part I, Chair: Wieslaw Krajewski
  • On Singular Values Decomposition and Patterns for Human Motion Analysis and Simulation
    Adrien Datas, Jean-Yves Fourquet, Pascale Chiron
  • A flowshop Scheduling Problem with Machine Deterioration and Maintenance Activities
    Agnieszka Rudek, Radoslaw Rudek
  • Actuator Form of Singularly Perturbed Systems: a Bond Graph Approach
    Noe Barrera Gallegos, Gilberto Gonzalez Avalos

Coffee break

Tuesday Aug 28th, 2012 11:20-13:00

Room 1, Special Session on the Occasion of the 80th Birthday of Prof. T. Kaczorek - Part II, Chair: Zbigniew Emirsajlow, Krzysztof Galkowski
  • On the Control of Discrete Linear Repetitive Processes Using Previous Pass Windowed Information
    Blazej Cichy, Krzysztof Galkowski, Eric Rogers
  • Constrained Controllability of Semilinear Systems With Delay in Control
    Jerzy Klamka
  • On a Fractional Dirichlet Problem
    Rafal Kamocki, Marek Majewski
  • Adaptive Finite Fractional Difference with a Time-Varying Forgetting Factor
    Krzysztof Latawiec, Rafal Stanislawski, Wojciech Hunek, Marian Luka...
  • Stability of 3-D System Described by the Nonlinear Fornasini-Marchesini Model
    Jerzy Kurek
Room 2,Signal Processing , Chair: Jerzy Sasiadek
  • An Analytical Approach to the Group Delay Compensation of Digital IIR Filters
    Piotr Okoniewski, Jacek Piskorowski
  • Multistage Pattern Recognition of Signals Represented in Wavelet Bases with Reject Option
    Urszula Libal
  • The 3D Scanning System for the Machine Vision Based Positioning of Workpieces on the CNC Machine Tools
    Krzysztof Okarma, Marek Grudzinski
  • A Concept of Time-Varying FIR Notch Filter Based on IIR Filter Prototype
    Slawomir Kocon, Jacek Piskorowski
Room 3, Control Applications - Part I, Chair: Harald Aschemann
  • Practical Verification of the Control Strategies for the Counter-Current Heat Exchanger
    Piotr Laszczyk, Jacek Czeczot, Rafal Czubasiewicz, Krzysztof Stebel
  • Modeling, Simulation and Control for Optimized Operating Strategies of Combustion Engine-Based Power Trains
    Andreas Rauh, Julia Kersten, Harald Aschemann
  • Linearisation of Electrically Stimulated Muscles by Feedback Control of the Muscular Recruitment Measured by Evoked EMG
    Christian Klauer, Joerg Raisch, Thomas Schauer
  • UAV Glider Control System Based on Dynamic Contraction Method
    Marian Blachuta, Roman Czyba, Wojciech Janusz, Valery Yurkevich
  • Redundancy Resolution and Control of Manipulators Driven by Antagonistic Pneumatic Muscles
    Mauro Calabria, Frank Schreiber, Yevgen Sklyarenko, David Inkermann...

Lunch break

Tuesday Aug 28th, 2012 15:00-16:20

Room 1, Invited Session: Control and Optimization of Infinite Dimensional Systems - Part I, Chair: Adam Kowalewski, Jan Sokolowski
  • Feedback Stabilization of Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems with Varying Delays
    Markus Dick, Martin Gugat, Guenter Leugering
  • Application of Topological Derivative to Accelerate Genetic Algorithm in Shape Optimization of Coupled Models
    Katarzyna Szulc, Antonio Andre Novotny, Antoni Zochowski
  • Dual Look at Robust Regulation: Frequency Domain and State Space Approaches
    Petteri Laakkonen, Lassi Paunonen, Seppo Pohjolainen
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Time Delay Parabolic-Hyperbolic Optimal Control Problems
    Zbigniew Emirsajlow, Anna Krakowiak, Adam Kowalewski, Jan Sokolowski...
Room 2, Robotics Applications - Part I, Chair: Ignacy Duleba
  • Advanced Dynamic Window Based Navigation Approach Using Model Predictive Control
    Domokos Kiss, Gábor Tevesz
  • Numerical Simulations and Analytical Analyses of the Orbital Capture Manoeuvre As a Part of the Manipulator-Equipped Servicing Satellite Design
    Tomasz Rybus, Jakub Lisowski, Karol Seweryn, Tomasz Barcinski
  • Absolute and Relative Angles Nonlinear Control of an underactuated 5-Link Biped with Dynamic Singularities
    Adam Lukomski
  • Large-Amplitude Base-Motion Compensation of a Serial Robot Using an Inertial Measurement Unit
    Vladimirs Leontjevs, Francisco Geu Flores, Jesus Lopez, Leonids Rib...
  • Nonparametric Identification of Robot Flexible Joint Space Manipulator
    Adam Krzyzak, Jerzy Sasiadek, Steve Ulrich
Room 3, Fault Detection, Chair: Carlos Henrique Faria Dos Santos
  • Fault Detection and Isolation of a Hybrid Synchronous Machine Using Parity Equations
    Saif Siddique Butt, Robert Prabel, Harald Aschemann
  • A Strategy for Thruster Fault-Tolerant Control Applied to an AUV
    Jeremy Gustavo Rauber, Carlos Henrique Faria Dos Santos, Lucas Rafa...
  • Fault Detection for a Hydrostatic Drive Chain Using Online Parameter Estimation
    Jöran Ritzke, Jens Windelberg, Harald Aschemann
  • Actuators and Sensors Fault Diagnosis with Dynamic, State-Space Neural Networks
    Marcel Luzar, Andrzej Czajkowski, Marcin Witczak, Jozef Korbicz

Coffee break

Tuesday Aug 28th, 2012 16:40-18:00

Room 1, Invited Session: Control and Optimization of Infinite Dimensional Systems - Part II, Chair: Adam Kowalewski, Jan Sokolowski
  • Input and Output Parameters Domination in Infinite Dimension Systems
    Larbi Afifi, Meriem Joundi, El Mostafa Magri, Abdelhaq El Jai
  • Constrained Controllability of Semilinear Systems with Delay in Control
    Jerzy Klamka
  • Optimal Control via Initial Conditions of Infinite Order Hyperbolic Systems
    Adam Kowalewski
  • Optimal Control Problems of Parabolic-Hyperbolic Systems with Integral Time Delays
    Adam Kowalewski
Room 2, Identification - Part II, Chair: Andrzej Swierniak
  • Using a Recursive Least Square Algorithm for Identification of Interconnected Linear Discrete-Time Delay Multivariable Systems
    Saïda Bedoui, Majda Ltaief, Kamel Abderrahim
  • Modelling and Identification of Magnetorheological Vehicle Suspension
    Piotr Krauze
  • The Evaluation of Saturation Level for SMSE Cost Function in Identification of Elementary Bilinear Time-Series Model
    Lukasz Malinski
  • Model Identification Using Quantized Data - a Disturbance-Free Case
    Jaroslaw Figwer
Room 3, AI Methods, Chair: Adam Krzyzak
  • An Approach to Autonomous Navigation Based on Unscented HybridSLAM
    Amirhossein Monjazeb, Jurek Sasiadek, Dan Necsulescu
  • Neural Networks in Local State Estimation
    Ladislav Kral, Miroslav Simandl
  • Cooperation and Negotiation of Agents by Means of Petri Net-Based Models
    Frantisek Capkovic
  • Identity of a Companion, Migrating Between Robots Significantly Different in Terms of Expressive Capabilities: Initial Results of VHRI Study
    Krzysztof Arent, Bogdan Kreczmer, Lukasz Malek

Tuesday Aug 28th, 2012 15:00-18:00

Poster Area, Poster Session, Chair: Kvetoslav Belda, Karol Seweryn
  • Adaptive Impedance Control in Robotic Cell Injection System
    Hanmei Wu, Wenkang Xu, Chenxiao Cai
  • Stability of Positive Switched Linear Discrete-Time Systems with Delays
    Robert Cimochowski
  • Tracking and Regulation Control of a 2-DOF Robot Arm with Unbalance
    Samet Güler, A. Bülent Özgüler
  • Using Neural-Evolutionary-Fuzzy Algorithm for Anti-collision System of Unmanned Surface Vehicle
    Piotr Szymak, Tomasz Praczyk
  • Software Reconfigurable Fuzzy Pi-Type Controller for DC Generator with Separate Excitation
    Mariusz Pelc
  • Effect of a Novel Control Input on Swing Up of a pendubot
    Neetha Prafa
  • A Simplified Adaptive Kalman Filter Algorithm for Carrier Recovery of M-QAM Signals
    Janos Gal
  • Intuitive Control for Robotic Rehabilitation Devices by Human-Machine Interface with EMG and EEG Signals
    Aleksandr Krasnov, Alexandr Borgul, Alexey Margun, Konstantin Zimen...
  • The virtual reality system used for upper extremity rehabilitation
    Artur Gmerek
  • Dynamic Modelling of a New Configuration of Two Wheeled Robotic Machine on an Inclined Surface
    Saad Agouri, Osman Tokhi, Abdullah Almeshal, Omar Sayidmarie, Khale...
  • Control Strategies Applied to Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Inspection of Dams
    Antonio Chiella, Carlos Farias Dos Santos, Jeremy Rauber, Lucas Mot...
  • A Reduction of a Controller Set of Switched Controller for Positioning of a Drillship on a Sea Surface
    Pawel Dworak
  • Diagnosis of Wheel Slide Protection Systems for Rail Vehicles
    Grazyna Barna
  • Characterization of Micro Displacements of Serial Robot
    Diala Dandash, Jean François Brethe, Eric Vasselin, Dimitri Lefebvr...

Tuesday Aug 28th, 2012 18:30

Music Concert, Chopin room

Tuesday Aug 28th, 2012 19:30



Wednesday Aug 29th, 2012 09:00-10:00

Room 1, Plenary Session, Chair: Andrzej Bartoszewicz
  • Lifelong Education in Robotics and Mechatronics
    Krzysztof Kozlowski, Andreja Rojko
10:00-11:00 Plenary Discussion

Coffee break

Wednesday Aug 29th, 2012 11:20-13:00

Room 1, Adaptive and Predictive Control - Part I, Chair: Teturo Itami
  • Adaptive Neuro-Predictive Control of Robot Manipulators in Work Space
    Hourieh Mazdarani, Mohammad Farrokhi
  • Adaptive Tracking Control of Uncertain SISO Nonlinear Systems
    Zenon Zwierzewicz
  • A Model Reference Adaptive Approach for State Estimation in Electromagnetic Actuators
    Felix Prausse, Johannes Reuter
  • Nonlinear Indirect Adaptive Control of a Fed-Batch Fermentation Bioprocess
    Dan Selisteanu, Emil Petre, Dorin Sendrescu, Monica Roman
Room 2, Robotics Applications - Part II, Chair: Krzysztof Kozlowski
  • Path Simulator for Machine Tools and Robots
    Kvìtoslav Belda, Pavel Novotný
  • Proposal of Recovery Strategy from Loss of Leg Incident for Legged Walking Robot
    Filipp Seljanko
  • Fast Grid Based Collision Avoidance for Vessels Using a* Search Algorithm
    Michael Blaich, Michael Rosenfelder, Michael Schuster, Oliver Bitte...
Room 3, Control and Systems Theory - Part I, Chair: Jim Zhu
  • Synthesis of a Polynomial Discrete Time Control Approach for Nonlinear Systems
    Samia Charfeddine
  • Application of Idea of Time-Scale Control to Synthesis of Control Signals for Linear and Non-Linear Plants
    Bogdan Grzywacz
  • Design and Analysis of a Network Control Structure with a Switched PD Compensator
    Octavian Stefan, Alexandru Codrean, Toma-Leonida Dragomir
  • An Algorithm to Solve Algebraic Riccati Equations with Polynomials
    Petr Augusta
  • Relationship between positive stable realizations of linear systems with real poles and zeros
    Tadeusz Kaczorek
Room 4, Control Applications - Part II, Chair: Andreas Rauh
  • Three Levels of Objects of Control in Anticancer Therapy
    Andrzej Swierniak
  • Path Parameters Consensus Based Formation Control of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in the Presence of Ocean Currents
    Yintao Wang, Weisheng Yan
  • Repetitive Models in Gas Transportation Networks
    Siarhei Dymkou, Michael Dymkov
  • Feedforward Control Design for a Four-Rotor UAV Using Direct and Indirect Methods
    Tobias Grüning, Andreas Rauh, Harald Aschemann
  • Control of a Wind Turbine with a Hydrostatic Transmission - an Extended Linearisation Approach
    Barry Dolan, Harald Aschemann

Lunch break

Wednesday Aug 29th, 2012 15:00-16:40

Room 1, Invited Session: Control and Optimization of Infinite Dimensional Systems - Part III, Chair: Adam Kowalewski, Jan Sokolowski
  • Optimal Control of a Time Delay Hyperbolic System with the Neumann Boundary Condition
    Adam Kowalewski
  • Shape Sensitivity and Asymptotic Analysis for Inclusions
    Jan Sokolowski, Antoni Zochowski
  • Optimal Control of a Ball Pitching Robot
    Esubalewe Lakie Yedeg, Eddie Wadbro
  • Sufficiency Conditions for Pole Assignment in Column-regularizable Implicit Linear Systems
    Tatiana Korotka, Petr Zagalak, Jean Jacques Loiseau, Vladimir Kucer...
Room 2, Modeling and Simulation - Part II, Chair: Krzysztof Latawiec
  • Bond Graph Modeling, DAE Formulation and Numeric Simulation of a Three Phase Rectifier
    Noe Villa Villaseñor, Gilberto Gonzalez Avalos
  • Modeling and Control of a Novel Fes Driven Assisted Cycling Mechanism
    Shwan Abdulla, Omar Sayidmarie, Samad Gharoni, Osman Tokhi
  • Some New Concepts of Setup Costs in Multimode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
    Marek Mika, Rafal Rozycki, Grzegorz Waligora
  • Model Development and Optimal Control of Quadrotor Aerial Robot
    Radoslaw Zawiski, Marian Blachuta
Room 3, Control Applications - Part III, Chair: Pawel Hyla
  • Time-Varying Sliding-Coefficient-Based Approach to the Decoupled Terminal Sliding Mode Controller Design
    Husnu Bayramoglu, Hasan Komurcugil
  • Using Genetic Algorithms to Fix a Route for an Unmanned Surface Vehicle
    Tomasz Praczyk, Piotr Szymak
  • Observer-Based Control of an Electro-Pneumatic Clutch Using Extended Linearisation Techniques
    Harald Aschemann, Dominik Schindele, Robert Prabel
  • Model-Based Controller Design for Antagonistic Pairs of Fluidic Muscles in Manipulator Motion Control
    Frank Schreiber, Yevgen Sklyarenko, Gundula Runge, Walter Schumache...
  • The Crane Control Systems: a Survey
    Pawel Hyla
Room 4, Adaptive and Predictive Control - Part II, Chair: Zenon Zwierzewicz
  • Adaptive Cruise Control System Using Balance-Based Adaptive Control Technique
    Payman Shakouri, Jacek Czeczot, Andrzej Ordys
  • LabVIEW-Based Implementation of Balance-Based Adaptive Control Technique
    Piotr Laszczyk, Rafal Czubasiewicz, Jacek Czeczot
  • Study of Predictive Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives
    Kvìtoslav Belda
  • Observer-Based Predictive Temperature Control for Distributed Heating Systems Based on the Method of Integrodifferential Relations
    Andreas Rauh, Senkel Luise, Dittrich Christina, Harald Aschemann

Wednesday Aug 29th, 2012 17:10



Thursday Aug 30th, 2012 09:00-10:00

Room 1, Plenary Session, Chair: Krzysztof Kozlowski
  • Variable-, Fractional-Order Discrete PID Controllers
    Piotr Ostalczyk

Thursday Aug 30th, 2012 10:00-11:00

Room 1, Robust Control, Chair: Joerg Raisch
  • On Robust PID Control for Time-Delay Plants
    Wieslaw Krajewski, Umberto Viaro
  • Robust Mixed-Sensitivity Hinf Control for a Class of MIMO Uncertain Nonlinear IPM Synchronous Motor via T-S Fuzzy Model
    Ahmad Fakharian, Vahid Azimi
  • Robust Flow Controller for a Single Virtual Circuit in Connection-Oriented Networks with Lossy Links
    Andrzej Bartoszewicz, Piotr Lesniewski
Room 2, Fuzzy Systems, Chair: Krzysztof Arent
  • State Estimation of Fuzzy Sugeno Systems with Local Nonlinear Rules and Unmeasurable Premise Variables
    Hoda Moodi, Mohammad Farrokhi
  • Fuzzy Cauchy Problem for Fuzzy Estimation - Application to Unicycle-Type Mobile Robots
    Fayaz Akram
  • Design and Real-Time Implementation of a Fuzzy Logic Control System for a Two-Wheeled Robot
    Omar Sayidmarie, Osman Tokhi, Abdulah Almeshal, Saad Agouri
  • Design of Gain Scheduling Anti-Sway Crane Controler Using Genetic Fuzzy System
    Jaroslaw Smoczek, Janusz Szpytko
Room 3, Fractional Order Systems, Chair: Tadeusz Kaczorek
  • The Grunwald-Letnikov Formula and its Equivalent Horner's Form Accuracy Comparison and Evaluation in Fractional Order PID Controllers
    Dariusz Brzezinski, Piotr Ostalczyk
  • Compactness of Fractional imbeddings
    Dariusz Idczak, Stanislaw Walczak
  • Closed - Loop System Synthesis with the Variable-, Fractional - Order PID Controller
    Piotr Ostalczyk, Piotr Duch

Coffee break

Thursday Aug 30th, 2012 11:20-13:00

Room 1, Control and Systems Theory - Part II, Chair: Andrzej Bartoszewicz
  • Interval-Based Sliding Mode Control and State Estimation for Uncertain Systems
    Andreas Rauh, Harald Aschemann
  • Specification of Control Goals for Mechanical Systems As Function Minimization Problem
    Pawel Cesar Sanjuan Szklarz, Elzbieta Jarzebowska
  • Maximal asymptotics of Neutral Type Systems
    Piotr Polak, Grigory Sklyar
  • A Transfer Function Representation for a Class of Hyperbolic Systems
    Krzysztof Bartecki
  • The Path Following Control of a Unicycle Based on the Chained Form of a Kinematic Model Derived with Respect to the Serret-Frenet Frame
    Joanna Plaskonka
Room 2, Fundamentals of Robotics, Chair: Andreja Rojko
  • Motion Planning of Nonholonomic Systems Using Highly Oscillatory Series
    Michal Opalka, Ignacy Duleba
  • Control of Decentralized Geometric Formations of Mobile Robots
    Jerzy Sasiadek, Dan Necsulescu
  • Admittance Control of a 1-DoF Robotic Arm Actuated by BLDC Motor
    Artur Gmerek, Edward Jezierski
  • Transporting Objects Only by Collision with Group Robots
    Teturo Itami
Room 3, Optimal Control, Chair: Jerzy Klamka
  • Computer Aided Modelling of Optimal Control
    Grzegorz Szkibiel
  • Optimal Control Design for DES Using Supervisory Control Theory with Enforceable Events
    Dirk Weidemann, Robin Diekmann
  • Optimal Risk-Sensitive Controller for Second Degree Stochastic Polynomial Systems
    Mauricio Torres Torres, Maria Aracelia Alcorta Garcia
  • Controllability Conditions of Rotating Beams and a Construction of an Optimal Control
    Jaroslaw Wozniak, Grigory Sklyar

Thursday Aug 30th, 2012 13:00

Farewell lunch, announcement of Young Author nominations and prize