Latest Changes

Please note following changes/additions:

Monday: tutorial sessions will take place between 14:00-17:00

Monday: Welcome reception will take place at 18:00

Tuesday: Music concert will take place at 18:30 in Chopin room

Tuesday: Banquet will take place at 19:30

Wednesday: Sightseeing will take place at 17:10

Thursday: Farewell lunch will take place at 13:00

Submission Guidelines

All submissions, initial and camera-ready, are required to be made online using the following webpage:

All required information have been provided there, below are the most necessary ones.


Please use one of the following templates in order to meet all the formatting requirements:

Additional information about converting documents and standards is available on e-papers site under Authors - Author Information


Please write in accordance to the following specification to ensure that your paper will be displayed correctly:

  • Paper Length: Maximum of 6 pages, including figures, tables and references
  • Paper Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm) or US Letter (8.5" x 11")
  • Fonts: Please embed fonts used in your PDF file. Type 3 fonts are not allowed.
  • File Format: PDF (.pdf)
  • File Size Limit: 2.0Mb
  • Please do not add page numbers
  • Please do not apply security settings