Plenary Sessions

27th MMAR 2023 – Plenary Sessions

Learning action and interaction
Danica Kragic Jensfelt

The curse of linearity and time-invariance
Alessandro Astolfi

Modern IoT onboarding platforms for advanced applications: an introduction to KIS.ME
Marcin Witczak

26th MMAR 2022 – Plenary Sessions

Consensus Protocols for Connecting Autonomous Vehicles
Maria Pia Fanti

Lessons from Adaptive Control: Towards Real-time Machine Learning
Anuradha Annaswamy

Distributed Control, Estimation and Optimization in Multi-agent Systems: Algorithms and Applications
Wei Ren

Interpretable Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems for Adaptive Control and Data Classification
Jacek Kluska

25th MMAR 2021 – Plenary Sessions

From Snapping Fixtures to Multi-Robot Coordination: Geometry at the Service of Robotics
Dan Halperin

Online Optimization for Output-feedback Control.
Joao Pedro Hespanha

Traffic Control Using Automated Truck Platoons: Distributed Sensing, Actuation, and Learning
Karl H. Johansson

Assignability of Numerical Characteristics of Discrete Time-varying Linear Systems
Adam Czornik

24th MMAR 2019 – Plenary Sessions

Optimization of Decentralized Control Systems
Sanjay Lall

Normal forms of nonlinear control systems
Witold Respondek

Game theory and distributed control
Jeff S. Shamma

23rd MMAR 2018 – Plenary Sessions

Autonomous Flight of Flapping Wing Robots – the Relation Between Body and Mind
Guido de Croon

Model Predictive Control and Estimation of Linear Transport-Reaction Distributed Parameter Systems
Stevan Dubljevic

An Intelligent Decision-Making System for Autonomous Units Based on the Mind Model
Zdzisław Kowalczuk

22nd MMAR 2017 – Plenary Sessions

Quo Vadis Model Predictive Control? From Stabilizing to Distributed Economic MPC
Frank Allgower

Control-Oriented Modelling and Observer-Based Control of Distributed Parameter Systems
Harald Aschemann

Control of Complex Robotic Systems: Challenges, Design and Experiments
Ahmed Chemori

Towards Safe Human-Robot Collaboration
Bernd Finkemeyer

21st MMAR 2016 – Plenary Sessions

New Results on Switched Systems with Positivity Constraints
Maria Elena Valcher

Intelligent Fault Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure Systems
Marios M. Polycarpou

Collaborative Robotics: from Workspace Sharing to Physical Interaction
Vincent Padois

Self-Optimizing Active Control of Narrowband Acoustic Noise
Maciej Niedźwiecki

20th MMAR 2015 – Plenary Sessions

Control of Input/Output Delayed and Disturbed Unstable Plants
Pedro Albertos, Pedro García, Ricardo Sanz

Granular Computing in Computational Intelligence
Witold Pedrycz

Constrained Interpolating Control: the Case of Polyhedral Invariant Set for LPV Discrete-Time Systems
Hoai-Nam Nguyen, Per-Olof Gutman

19th MMAR 2014 – Plenary Sessions

A Systematic Method of Designing Control Systems for Service and Field Robots
Cezary Zieliński, Tomasz Kornuta, Tomasz Winiarski

Robust techniques for the sensorless control of wind turbines
Maria Letizia Corradini

18th MMAR 2013 – Plenary Sessions

Space Robotics – Beginnings are current developments
Jurek Sasiadek

Space Penetrometers – Rosetta Mission Case Study
Marek Banaszkiewicz, Jerzy Grygorczuk

Robust Regulation of Infinite-dimensional Systems
Seppo Pohjolainen

17th MMAR 2012 – Plenary Sessions

Biopsychically Inspired Cognitive Control for Autonomous Agents Based On Motivated Learning
J. Jim Zhu, Xudan Xu

Lifelong Education in Robotics and Mechatronics
Krzysztof Kozlowski, Andreja Rojko

Variable-, Fractional-Order Discrete PID Controllers
Piotr Ostalczyk

16th MMAR 2011 – Plenary Sessions

Marian P. Kaźmierkowski
Control of Power Electronics Grid Interfaces for Renewable Ocean Wave and Wind Energy

Michael Hintermueller
Semismooth Newton Methods in PDE-Constrained Optimization: Theory, Numerics and Applications

15th MMAR 2010 – Plenary Sessions

Witold Respondek
Flat Control Systems – Old and New Results

Jon Selig
Lie Groups and Lie Algebras in Robotics

14th MMAR 2009 – Plenary Sessions

Pascal Morin (INRIA, France)
Control of Nonholonomic or Underactuated Vehicles by the Transverse Function Approach

David H. Owens (UK)
Developments in Iterative Learning Control

Andrzej Bartoszewicz (Poland)
Sliding Mode Control – Principles and Application

13th MMAR 2007 – Plenary Sessions

J. C. Willems (Belgium)
A New Look at Observers

J. W. Grizzle (USA)
An Analytical Perspective on the Control of Bipedal Robot Locomotion

E. Rogers (UK)
Iterative Learning Control – Algorithms, Robustness and Experimental Benchmarking

A. Świerniak (Poland)
Understanding and combating cancer – control theoretic approach

12th MMAR 2006 – Plenary Sessions

P. Albertos and A. Esparza (Spain)
Some Issues about the Control of Resonant Processes

H. Chitsaz, S. M. LaValle, D. J. Balkcom and M. T. Mason (USA)
An Explicit Characterization of Minimum Wheel-Rotation Paths for Differential-Drives

J. Lisowski (Poland)
Game Theory Methods in Control Synthesis of Marine Moving Objects – Mathematical Methods and Computer Support Algorithms

S. Townley, D. McCarthy and D. Hodgson (UK)
Systems Theory and Robustness in Biology and Ecology

11th MMAR 2005 – Plenary Sessions

J. H. van Schuppen (The Netherlands)
Realization and Control Problems for Biochemical Reaction Networks

P. Bidaud (France)
On the design of Micro Robotic Systems for micro-manipulation and minimally invasive surgery

T. Fukuda, Y. Hasegawa, M. Doi and Y. Asano (Japan)
Multi-Locomotion Robot – Swing Control for Continuous Brachiation

M. J. Grimble and P. Majecki (UK)
Introduction to Nonlinear Generalized Minimum Variance Control and Potential for Industrial Applications

K. Malanowski (Poland)
Stability and Sensitivity Analysis for Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems

10th MMAR 2004 – Plenary Sessions

B. Pasik-Duncan (USA)
Making Connections with Stochastic Modeling

A.H. Nayfeh (USA)
A Smart Controller for Cranes

K. Furuta (Japan)
Human Adaptive Mechatronics

J. Korbicz (Poland)
Advances in Fault Diagnosis Systems

9th MMAR 2003 – Plenary Sessions

M. Delfour (Canada)
Optimization and Control with Respect to the Geometry

K. Tchon (Poland)
Kinematics of Mobile Manipulators: an Endogenous Configuration Space Approach

A. Ogut (USA)
Diesel Engine Emissions Aftertreatment Technologies for Removing or Controlling Particulate Matter (PM)

K. Malinowski (Poland)
Dynamic Pricing for Management and Control of Communication Networks

8th MMAR 2002 – Plenary Sessions

R. Kruse and A. Klose (Germany)
Information Mining with Fuzzy Methods: Trends and Current Challenges

J. Kacprzyk and S. Zadrożny (Poland)
Linguistic Data Symmaries: Towards and Increased Role of Natural Language in Data Mining

S. Arimoto (Japan)
Can Newtonian Mechanics Explicate Why and How Babies (or Robots) Acquire Dexterous Hand Motion?

B. Datta and D. Sarkissian (USA)
A Computational Method for Feedback Control in Distributed Parameter Systems

7th MMAR 2001 – Plenary Sessions

S. Bennett (UK)
Automation: Friend or Foe?

E. Mosca and T. Agnoloni (Italy)
Feedback-Loop Preformance Monitoring for Controller Falsification

S. Yuta (Japan)
Towards an Autonomous Mobile Robot Working in Daily-life Environment

K. Kozłowski (Poland)
Design of Lyapunov Function for Control of Robot Manipulators

M.J. Grimble and A.W. Ordys (UK)
Nonlinear Predictive Control for Manufacturing and Robotic Applications

6th MMAR 2000 – Plenary Sessions

I. Petersen (Australia)
Minimax LQG Control

F. Bourquin (France)
Approximation for the Fast Stabilization of the Wave Equation from the Boundary

R. Scattolini, L. Magni and G. De Nicolao (Italy)
Output Feedback and Tracking in Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

F. Allgower, R. Findeisen (Germany), Z. Nagy (Romania), M. Diehl, G. Bock and J. Schloder (Germany)
Efficient Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Large Scale Constrained Systems

T. Flash, M.J.E. Richardson and A.A. Handzel (Israel)
The Control of Motion: from Biological to Robotic Systems

J.T. Wen (USA)
Robotic Assistants in Minimally Invasive Surgeries

L.A. Zadeh (USA)
Toward a Perception-based Theory of Probabilistic Reasoning

5th MMAR 1998 – Plenary Sessions

I. Lasiecka (USA)
Active Noise Control in an Acoustic Chamber: Mathematical Theory

P. Grabowski (Poland) and F.M. Callier (Belgium)
Boundary Control Systems in Factor Form: Transfer Functions and Input-Output Maps

P.M. Frank (Germany)
The Role of Unstable Nonlinear Feedback in Complex Systems

H. Górecki and M. Zaczyk (Poland)
Trade-off Between Energy and Entropy of Information in Control Systems

B. Siciliano (Italy)
On the Use of Quaternions for Robot Interaction Control Tasks

G. Hirzinger, J. Bals, B. Brunner, R. Koeppe and M. Schedl (Germany)
Advances in Robotics

4th MMAR 1997 – Plenary Sessions

J. Sokołowski (France)
Shape Optimization and Optimal Design for Parabolic Control Problems

V. Kucera (Czech Republic)
Feedback Realization of Cascade Compensators

R.F. Curtain and J.C. Ooostveen (The Netherlands)
Bilinear Transformations Between Discrete- and Continuous-time Infinite-dimensional Linear Systems

3rd MMAR 1996 – Plenary Sessions

P.C. Muller
Stability and Optimal Control of Nonlinear Descriptor Systems

D. Hinrichsen and N.K. Son
μ-Analysis and Robust Stability of Positive Linear Systems

S. Townley
Stable Universal Adaptive Dynamics

S.J. Elliott
Active Noise and Vibration Control

2nd MMAR 1995 – Plenary Sessions

A. Niederliński (Poland)
Some Aspects of Recursive Least Squares and Self-Tuning

O. Ravn (Denmark) and M. Szymkat (Poland)
Mechatronic Approach to Robotic Modelling – Software Engineering Perspective

T. Puchałka and P. Siwak (Poland)
Automata and Languages

1st MMAR 1994 – Plenary Sessions

Z. Bubnicki (PL)
Logic-algebraic Method for Knowledge-based Systems

S. Dormeier (D)
Temperatur Control Algorithms for Plastic Processing Units

H. Górecki (PL)
Parametric Optimization of Infinite-dimensional Dynamic Systems

T. Kaczorek (PL)
Reachability and Controllability of 2-D Continuous-Discrete Linear Systems

D.H. Owens, N. Amann, E. Rogers (UK)
Iterative Learning Control