Conference Schedule – General questions

Q: Can I arrive in the middle of the conference just for my paper presentation?
A: Sure, but you will miss most of the events, like Plenary sessions, banquets, touristic trips (last year it was a golf course), so it’s generally better to book your flights in advance to enjoy the whole conference.

Conference Schedule – Touristic Programme

Q: What is it?
A: During the 3rd day of the conference (Wednesday) we organise a small excursion/event – in the past it was a golf course, Viking village or a philharmonic concert. We get there by buses, also a meal (dinner) is provided on-site.

Q: When do we get back?
A: Usually we have around 4-5 buses waiting all the time and when a first group, that wishes to return, assembles – one of the buses leaves, so it’s quite fluid.

Conference Schedule – Papers

Q: I have multiple papers / I am chairing a session and I just noticed I have to be in two places at the same time – what do I do?
A: Please let us know, errors like that sometimes happen, we will try to reschedule the paper/chairing the session so that you don’t have to clone yourself.

Q: I have my paper scheduled for Thursday, but I’m leaving on Tuesday – can you change my presentation time?
A: Generally, no. All sessions are quite tightly packed with papers, so we can move papers only if one of the authors fail to register and attend the conference. If you want to know if it is possible – just take a look at the schedule, if you see a free slot in one of the sessions, there is a chance we can move your paper. Approach us (the secretariat) at the very beginning of the conference and we will try our best to fit you somewhere in the schedule.

Q: Can I switch with my poster to other poster session?
A: Sure, as long as there are less than 15-16 posters in each session.


Q: It’s 20th August and I know I can’t attend the conference. What do I do?
A: If you have already paid the registration – send somebody (co-author) to present the paper. If you can’t, we can arrange for a teleconference (Google Hangouts, Skype). If it’s an emergency even a non-author collaborator can present your paper, but please be warned that he/she will have to stand ground one’s ground during the questions after the presentation.

Q: But what happens if my paper doesn’t get presented at all?
A: You will be dropped from the conference proceedings. That means your paper will not be a part of the proceedings submitted for inclusion in IEEE Xplore. So please – try to present your paper.

Q: When will the proceedings get published in IEEE Xplore, indexed in Scopus, indexed in WoS, etc?
A: It’s not up to us. We submit them for inclusion, but it’s not a guarantee that they actually will get published. So far we have a record of having proceedings in IEEE since 2010. As soon as we know – we will post relevant news on the website, facebook and twitter, so follow any of those.


Q: I will need to use some special software (other than PDF Reader or Powerpoint Viewer) to present my paper, can you install it a minute before my presentation?
A: Nope. We try to have as much presentation software on the laptops as possible, but if you wish to use something custom – it’s best to bring your own laptop, we provide DSUB, DVI, DP and HDMI cables.

Q: Can I have movies?
A: Yes, we install K-lite codec pack on all machines.

Q: Can I have movies with sound?
A: Yes, but warn us beforehand, we will provide additional speakers.

Q: I’m not a very loud person, can I use a microphone?
A: In the biggest room (Room 1) we provide both lavalier-type mic and standard handheld. Other rooms are small enough se they don’t require additional amplification.


Q: How will I present my poster?
A: Usually the chair of the poster session goes around the room and asks one-by-one the presenting authors to say something about their paper (about 5-10 minutes) and asks questions. After that, you are free to discuss your poster and other posters as you like. If you are a Young Author participating in the competition – please remember that you will be evaluated based on your presentation and the ability to answer all the questions, also from the audience during that time.

Q: You specify that a poster should be A0/A1, can I print a smaller/bigger one?
A: Of course, as long as it fits on whiteboards that we use for presentation: http://mmar.edu.pl/gallery2016/gallery-images/DSCF7078.JPG http://mmar.edu.pl/gallery2016/gallery-images/DSCF7075.JPG