Registration Fee

  1. basic rate (includes proceedings, lunches, banquet and all social events planned):
    • for IEEE or IFAC Members: 350 EURO (for Polish participants: 1500 PLN)
    • for a Non-Member: 400 EURO (for Polish participants: 1700 PLN)
    • for students: 280 EURO (for Polish participants: 1200 PLN)
  2. second participant for a paper: 200 EURO, provided the first author paid the basic rate (for Polish participants: 850 PLN)
  3. additional paper(s) rate: 70 EURO for each extra paper (applies to authors with more than one paper, unless a co-author has also registered and paid the basic registration fee rate) (for Polish participants: 300 PLN)
  4. accompanying person charge: 170 EURO (includes lunches, banquet and all social events planned) (for Polish participants: 750 PLN)
    Accompanying person charge may only be made by a wire transfer, no credit card payments will be accepted.

Method of payment

Information on the possible methods of payment are given in the registration form.

Registration Forms for 2019

Registration form: registration_form_24th_MMAR_eu.pdf
Registration form for Polish participants: registration_form_24th_MMAR_pl.pdf

Other questions

If you have other questions about the registration process, please contact the Conference Secretariat at